'Everything will be alright' keeps Israelis optimistic despite crisis

According to survey, 55 percent of Israelis are happy with their current economic status.

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shekels good 88
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Israelis are content with their current financial status and nearly the majority are optimistic that in the coming years their economic situation will only improve, according to a survey published by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Monday. The bureau's social survey focused on how Israelis perceive their financial status. It showed that 55 percent were happy with their current economic status, 53% were content with their salaries and 86% were content with their life. The survey was conducted over the course of 2008 among a sample of 7,300 adults over the age of 20. It found that the satisfaction level differed between Jews and Arabs and men and women. Among Jews, 58% were content with their financial status, compared with 43% among Arabs. Men were happier with life than women, 88% compared with 84%. Looking ahead with much optimism following the Israeli belief that everything will be alright, 48% of the respondents said their situation was set to improve over the next few years. Arabs were more optimistic about the future than Jews, 56% compared with 46%. With regard to the work place, 86% of the respondents said they were happy with their jobs, but only 53% were content with their salary. Men were more satisfied with their income than women, 57% compared with 48%. Israelis' satisfaction level regarding financial status and salary improved from 36% in 2002 to 48% in 2008. Seventy percent of engineers and architects said they were content with their income, compared with 40% of kindergarten and elementary school teachers, cleaning staff and caretakers. But 90% of the latter group of professions said they were satisfied with their jobs, the bureau reported.