'Factories in Sderot need protection'

The Manufacturers Association of Israel charged on Thursday that the government was on the path towards "Winograd II" as it continues to not take action to protect the lives of some 5,000 industrial workers in Sderot. "A budget of just $50 million could save their lives as it would allow the manufacturers in and around Sderot to fortify their factories, many which contain dangerous and explosive materials," said Yehuda Segev, the director-general of the Association. Segev made his comments after visiting Sderot and assessing the current plight of industrialists in that region first-hand. More than 40 manufacturers currently have operations in and around the city, which has once again come under heavy attack from Kassam rockets fired from inside Gaza, and Segev estimated that they have already suffered losses of some NIS 60m. as the city has been virtually shut down since the rocket attacks began again in earnest. Segev implored the government to take action to protect Sderot's factories, as it did when it came to the aid of industrialists in the North during last summer's Second Lebanon War.