Gaza kibbutzim demand gov't aid

Routine manufacturing can not continue when workers have to evacuate production lines every hour.

Factory managers from 20 Gaza border kibbutzim held an emergency meeting on Sunday morning in Kibbutz Sa'ad together with MK Shai Hermesh (Kadima) calling for a government aid package to compensate manufactures for lost revenue and to entice workers to arrive for work despite the fact that their factories are in a danger zone. During the meeting, Hermesh vowed to raise the plight of manufacturers before government ministries. Also present were representatives of the Home Front Command who documented the manufacturers' requests for structural anti-rocket protection. Amos Shelo, of the Kibbutz Industries' Association, said that while local manufacturers were accustomed to being on the front line, and accepted the government's position that there was no quick fix solution to ongoing rocket attacks, routine manufacturing could not continue when workers had to evacuate production lines every hour or two.