Gross average family income reached NIS 11,680 in 2005

Households where main earner was self-employed fared best.

The average Israeli household had a gross income of NIS 11,680 in 2005, up 2.8 percent from 2004, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Monday in its annual income survey. After deducting for taxes, national insurance, and government health insurance, this was reduced to NIS 9,438, the CBS found, bringing the net income per household member to NIS 3,450. The report counted the average Israeli household to have 1.2 wage earners and an average 3.3 members. Households paid 19.2% of their gross income in taxes. Breaking the statistics into categories of wage earners, CBS said households, in which the chief wage earner receives a salary, had a pre-tax income of NIS 14,014 a month in 2005, up 1.6% from 2004, or NIS 11,189 after taxes. Households in which the main income earner was unemployed had gross income of NIS 4,789, showing growth of 3.3% over 2004. Households where the main earner was self-employed fared the best of all, CBS said, as their average gross income was NIS 15,766 a month last year, up 6% over 2004. Their net income was NIS 11,904, which worked out to an average of NIS 3,951 per household member, with self-employed families averaging a slightly larger size of 3.8 members. CBS also reported that the average gross monthly salary was NIS 7,054 last year and that men earned an hourly income of NIS 44.90, 20% higher than the rate of NIS 37.42 for women.