Hot, Netvision cease Mega-7 marketing

The court-issued injunction was handed down following repeated requests from Bezeq International.

hd television 88 (photo credit: courtesy)
hd television 88
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HOT and Netvision on Thursday stopped marketing their Mega-7 Internet Infrastructure package in compliance with a ruling of the Tel Aviv District Court barring the two companies from selling the package until HOT opens the Mega-7 market to Internet Service Providers other than Netvision. The court-issued injunction was handed down following repeated requests from Bezeq International, which claimed that HOT and Netvision had cornered the Mega-7 market. In Israel, every ADSL or cable modem user has to pay separately for the infrastructure provider and for the ISP (unbundled package), while in its Mega-7 package, HOT did not offer customers any ISP other than Netvision. Mega-7 is the newest and fastest Internet service currently available in Israel. "By bundling a package together that included the Internet infrastructure and an ISP, the package that HOT was offering exclusively with Netvision went against the license that was issued to HOT by the Communications Ministry," Bezeq International said. "By doing this, HOT essentially closed the market to every other ISP and prevented Bezeq International from offering the service to its customers." In its official response, HOT told the court it plans to open the market to other ISPs by the end of the month. "HOT is proud that it is the only company in Israel that offers Internet service as fast as Mega-7," the company said, adding that it is "happy that a company as large as Bezeq International understands that HOT is a market leader in Israel when it comes to Internet services."