Industrial exports up 8.6%

Industrial exports grew by 8.6 percent from September through November, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Sunday, in a report presenting trend data for Israel's leading economic indicators. Not including ships, aircraft, and diamonds, hi-tech industrial exports rose 13.2%, medium hi-tech industrial exports rose 8.9%, and medium low-tech industrial exports rose 3.1%, while exports by low-tech industries dropped 6.8%. Overall exports of Israeli merchandise grew 7.9% in the fall, following 5.7% growth in the summer. The number of tourist hotel stays rose 18.2% over the autumn months, while imports of investment assets grew 10.4%, the CBS said. Overall commerce and services revenue grew 7.4%, down from 9.1% growth over the summer. Consumer prices rose 4.4% after rising 5.3% over the previous three months. In October and November, retail revenue grew 3.9%, and business and real estate service revenue grew 10.4%, while industrial production sank 1.1%, following 0.6% growth in July and August. D.K.