Intel to build Israel's first 'green building' [pg. 18]

intel logo upfront 88 (photo credit: )
intel logo upfront 88
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Intel will build the country's first "green building," or environmentally friendly building, as the world's largest semiconductor company expands its development center in Haifa. "Although the building costs of a 'green building' are higher, we believe it is more energy efficient to be environmentally friendly, and caring for the environment represents an added-value for the company," Shuki Ehrlich, CEO of Intel's development center told The Jerusalem Post at the foundation stone laying ceremony for Intel's new development center in Haifa on Tuesday. The new development center, which is due to be completed in 2008, will be Intel's first building in Israel or anywhere else in the world to be registered as a green building. By definition, a green building makes use of environmentally friendly materials in its construction. Such construction includes the separation and recycling of waste, the inclusion of controlled natural light by means of a patio that lets light into the center of the floors, the installation of air conditioning and electrical systems that economize and recycle energy, sophisticated control systems and irrigation using only recycled water. In addition, the reduction in operating costs means that return on the extra investment will be possible within 3 years. "During the history of Israel's hi-tech industry, a special position has been reserved for Intel," said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at the ceremony. "The Israeli Development Center is Intel's best in the whole world and a significant part of the innovations that made Intel the world's leading semiconductor corporation in the world, are based on the Haifa center of research and development."