Israel Post buys NIS 40m. sorting equipment [pg.17]

Israel Post has placed a NIS 40 million order for new sorting machinery from telecommunications equipment maker Siemens AG, the newly established postal company said, laying out its intention to invest more to improve the country's postal infrastructure. "The revolution at Israel Post has only just begun," said Israel Post chief executive officer Avi Hochman. "We will invest hundreds of millions of shekels in the coming years to upgrade our postal infrastructure for the benefit of our customers." The new equipment will replace the 20-year-old machinery currently in use and computerize the entire sorting process. The equipment's capabilities include decoding of handwritten addresses, stamp identification, taking barcode impressions and the automatic arrangement of letters according to the distribution routes of post offices around the country. Siemens engineers are currently studying how to apply the decoding technology to Hebrew handwriting, Israel Post said.