London police make arrest in jewelry heist

Police said Wednesday they have arrested asuspect in connection with a daring daytime heist that netted $65million worth of jewelry from a prominent London diamond merchant lastweek.
Policesaid the 50-year-old man, who was subsequently released on bail, is notone of two dapper dressers captured in security-camera footage releasedby Scotland Yard on Tuesday. The footage showed two men in smart suitsbeing let into Graff Diamonds flagship store, where police say theyproduced guns, briefly took a member of staff hostage and escaped in aseries of getaway cars across central London.
Police believe at least two others helped the pair escape. Noone was hurt in the robbery, one of the biggest in British history.
British authorities seldom release suspects' names until they are charged.
Amateurvideo shot outside the store appeared to capture the men's escape andscreaming shoppers as a warning shot is fired into the ground.
Police said the men made off with dozens of high-end rings,bracelets, necklaces and watches with a retail value of £40m. pounds,or $65m. A full list of the 43 pilfered items was made publicWednesday: Among the jewels was a flowing flower necklace made from 272separate diamonds and a lavish pair of triple-hoop earrings bearing nofewer than 216 gemstones.
Although the man wasarrested Monday, a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said police kept news ofhis capture secret until now for "operational reasons."
Detective Chief Inspector Pam Mace told reporters the robberswere "extremely dangerous." She appealed for information about theheist, saying the men "would undoubtedly have spoken about itbeforehand or boasted about it afterwards."