Microsoft hails 'historic new era' with Vista

Israel's Nice Systems is first to adopt the new business platform.

vista software 88 298 (photo credit:  Courtesy photo)
vista software 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy photo)
Microsoft-Israel unveiled Microsoft Corp.'s $20 billion, three-part business platform - the Vista operating system, Office System 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 - in Ramat Gan on Tuesday along with corporate branches around the world, claiming it was "among the biggest efforts of humanity." The first company in the world to adopt the new business platform was an Israeli firm, Nice Systems, according to Microsoft-Israel CEO Danny Yamin. The Israeli market was "always a pioneer in adopting the most advanced technologies. So far, about 170 of the country's largest firms and organizations have already signed contracts for upgrading their computer systems with the new platform.," he said. The platform will be suited both to multinational business and small ones, Yamin said. Prices were not given, as cost depends on the number of PCs using it and the types of services required. Individual PC users, however, will have to wait some two more months for the home version of the operating system, which replaces the five-year-old Windows XP, and the home Office version, which supersedes the 2003 edition, which has some 450 million users. Although the appearance of the business platform was delayed about a year, Microsoft-Israel CEO Danny Yamin said it was "historic" and worth waiting for, after tens of thousands of company employees worked on it and five million users around the world tried out its beta (experimental) version, providing Microsoft with two million pieces of feedback. The new product, he told some 50 journalists on the scenic 15th floor of the Beit Pivko building, "will change the way people work in teams." With globalization, many companies and organizations use input by employees on several continents, he said. The new "people-ready" platform will allow them to work as a team in real time with better security and many new features, he said. As the new platform is easy for employees to learn, turns off computers when not in use to save electricity, offers easy connectivity between laptops outside the office, encrypts laptop data and bars unauthorized connection with disks on key, it will save money and better protect data, Microsoft officials said. Among the new features are communications capabilities that combine e-mail, text messaging, voice mail, Internet and others in one place; files that appear as 3-D images on the desktop for easy sorting and selection; e-mail sending of one's personal schedule to others to set appointments for meetings; easy searching for relevant data; archiving of company e-mails; recovery of deleted versions of documents; speedy and effortless integration of graphic material in PowerPoint presentations via a slide library; and a mobility center to control computer's functions when away from the office.