Office-cleaning firm switches to green products

Team 3, which maintains 700,000 square meters of office space per day, will be switching to a system of Ecoline Ecocaps ampoules.

Udi Gonen 311 (photo credit: .)
Udi Gonen 311
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Team 3 Cleaning, the fourth-largest cleaning company in Israel, has become the first one to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, it said this week.
Team 3, which is a subsidiary of a security and services company, maintains 700,000 square meters of office space per day.
It will be switching to a system of Ecoline Ecocaps ampoules, which have two advantages over conventional cleaning materials. First, the cleaning solutions are made of environmentally friendly materials, so they don’t release harmful chemicals or poisons. Second, they are highly concentrated, so they take up very little storage space. One box of ampoules is the equivalent of 13 boxes of regular cleaning materials, which represents a 97 percent savings in space. What’s more, there are far fewer empty bottles produced since the ampoules dissolve in water, the company said in a statement.
Team 3 employs about 900 people in its cleaning and maintenance division and 2,800 overall.
Team 3 Cleaning CEO Udi Gonen said the move to Ecocaps was of the utmost importance to the company.
“Weare starting a process of switching all of our customers over toenvironmentally friendly cleaning products since we see it as an issueof utmost importance,” he said. “We deal with 230 million square metersof offices in a year, and the effect on the environment, especiallyover time, is significant. We believe that because of us many otherbusinesses will start using environmentally cleaning products for thebetterment of the environment and ourselves.”