Strauss to follow suit after Tnuva price drop

Company to lower cost of milk, cheese; protesters not satisfied with Tnuva's announcement that prices to go down 15%, will continue boycott.

Strauss logo (photo credit: Courtesy)
Strauss logo
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Strauss company announced on Sunday that it would lower the price of its dairy products, following suit after the Tnuva  company said that it would cut costs by as much as 17 percent.
Strauss agreed to lower the price of milk by 1.8%, white cheese by 12% and its "Milky" snack by 8%.
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The announcement came the same day as Tel Aviv Student Union chairman Uri Reshtik's statement that the nationwide boycott against dairy giant Tnuva will continue despite the resignation of the company's chairperson Zehavit Cohen and the announcement that the company will lower prices.
"The consumer protest is aimed at Tnuva, not at just one person," Reshtik said, adding that Cohen's resignation provided proof that the company's practices were problematic and the protest was succeeding. He added in an interview with Israel Radio that the 15 percent decrease in prices was a good start but that the company has "the ability to do more."
Several student unions called for the boycott of Tnuva last month, saying the company was the leader of an industry that continuously raises prices, year after year.
The protest movement's Facebook page was also inundated with posts calling for a widening of the boycott to other large Israeli food manufacturers such as Strauss and Osem.
Tnuva Food Industries announced on Sunday that it would be lowering the prices of its dairy products, as the company's chairperson, Zehavit Cohen resigned her position, pending an investigation into the company by the Antitrust Authority.

The price of dozens of Tnuva products will go down by 15 percent beginning on Tuesday.
Tnuva representatives stated that the price decrease came as a result of a decrease in the price of milk.
In announcing her resignation, Cohen stated that she wants to focus her attention on the antitrust investigation. She will continue in her role as manager of Apax Partners in Israel, the conglomerate that owns Tnuva.