Top 100 exporters sold $17.3b. last year [pg. 17]

The leading 100 companies in Israeli industry exported goods valued at $17.3 billion in 2005, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor said Wednesday drawing data from its research and economics unit, which is developing an index on the top 100 exporters of industrial goods. "The index will be published every quarter and has been designed to track the development of the leading exporters in Israel," the ministry said. "It will relate to the total sum of exports, and also to exports according to levels of technology, the size of the companies, their central business areas and the countries the products are destined for." The top 10 list of companies exporting goods from Israel was headed by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and included Intel Electronics, Israel Aircraft Industries, Comverse, Philips Medical systems, Applied Materials, ECI Telecom, Intel Israel and Motorola South Israel. The data collected showed that exports among the 100 companies had grown 5.8 percent in the last five years. The hi-tech industry dominated the list with over 50% of the companies operating in the industry making up $9.5b. of the exports, while just 10 companies were active in traditional technology, the ministry said. The research showed that 41% of the exporters focused on the European market in 2005, 32% on North America and 16% had new marketing efforts in Asia. Of the total goods exported in the year, 43.9% were by the top 25 companies on the list while 4.4% were carried out by the 25 smallest companies. The 100 companies employed approximately 96,000 workers in 2005 bringing the average per company to 960, although 22 of the companies employ over 3,000 people. The average exports per worker came to $179.3 million. Over half the companies have been operating for more than 25 years and 12 have been in business over 51 years, the research showed.