Wine exports up 49%

When it comes to drinking wine the Israeli consumer stays behind the rest of the world.

The growing market of wine in Israel is this year expected to get increased international exposure as local wine exports are estimated to grow by 49 percent, said the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute ahead of IsraWineExpo, the second International Israeli wine exhibition. Last year Israel exported wine generating a total of $15 million and imported wine for a total of $11m., while the Israeli wine market production during 2006 reached NIS 700 million, according to data published by the Israel Export Institute and the Israel Council for Grapevine and Wine. When it comes to drinking wine the Israeli consumer stays behind the rest of the world. In Israel only 6 liters of wine per capita was consumed during 2006 while the French, the Italian and the Spanish consumed between 60-70 liters per capita last year. Most of the wine, or 95%, of the wine exported from Israel, is the product of ten big wineries including Carmel, Golan Heights, and Recanati. The main countries to where the Israeli wine is exported are the United States, France, Britain, Germany and Canada. As in earlier years of wine production, among the red grapevines the Carignan, which is used mainly for production of Kiddush wine, remains the most common species in Israel's vineyards. The Cabernet Sauvignon is second afterwards the Merlot, and the Shiraz. Among the white wines the popular grapes are the French Colombard and the Emerald Riesling. IsraWineExpo will open between February the 26th and 28th at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv. Some NIS 1.5 million were invested in the event out of which NIS 450,000 were channeled to advertising and publication.