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The new logo of Elbit Systems has finally been unveiled, marking the culmination of a company-wide re-branding program.

elbit 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
elbit 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
INSTEAD OF the proverbial bottle wine, Seder guests are encouraged by the Tel Aviv University to purchase donation citations with the name of their hosts imprinted stating that a contribution has been made through the Friends of Tel Aviv University to the TAU scholarship fund. It's as worthy a cause as any, but takes all the fun out of receiving a gift that one can use and may even like or love. If every cause adopts this system of fund-raising and the public responds en masse, pushing the envelope will get a whole new meaningm, while the wine industry may very well suffer and its members could be put in the financial position of not being able to give charity. A good compromise situation would be if the Friends of TAU bought bulk supplies of wine at less than regular wholesale rate, so they could sell them at a nice profit, and at the same time ask for a symbolic donation of NIS 18, so that the host could get both the wine and the donation citation. THE BIG Buying Centers Group has invested NIS 1.2 million in marketing activities in advance of Pessah and has come out with gift campaigns and lotteries for customers who patronize any of its nine centers. Details of its campaigns will appear in print and electronic media. THE NEW logo of Elbit Systems has finally been unveiled, marking the culmination of a company-wide re-branding program undertaken during 2007, and comprising a company-wide initiative to emphasize an identity that signifies the company's rapid growth while simultaneously integrating its subsidiaries, both in Israel and internationally, under a single unified brand. The re-branding stemmed from Elbit Systems' extensive process of mergers and acquisitions both in Israel and around the globe, beginning with the acquisition of Elop in 2000, and including other substantial acquisitions such as Tadiran Communications, Elisra and others. Internal growth, as well as the addition of the new companies, substantiated the company's position as one of the 40 largest defence industries worldwide. Elbit Systems management decided to bring together company units and wholly-owned subsidiaries under a single brand providing the company with more consistent overall visibility as well as a unified identity throughout its various echelons. The new logo combines both new and familiar elements expressing both tradition and progress. Blue and yellow colors identified with Elbit Systems have been retained as has the graphic triangular shape of the company's logo. However, new, dynamic and flowing elements that portray innovation and flexibility were added, reflecting an integral part of Elbit Systems organizational culture. The re-branding will not affect any formal structural status of the company entities. Elbit Systems' business operation in the US, was part of the re-branding process and undertook a corresponding re-branding of its business units. THE SWISS are best known for banking, insurance and time pieces. However, there weren't too many watchmakers at the welcome reception for new Swiss Ambassador Walter Haffner and his deputy Monika Shmutz-Kirgoz hosted by Gideon Hamburger, President of the Israel, Switzerland, Lichtenstein Chamber of Commerce, but there were quite a few representatives from the world of high finance. Hamburger, for instance, is the President of the Harel Insurance Group. Israel-based representatives of Swiss banks included Elhanan Harel, general manager of UBP Israel, Gad Hecker, general manager of UBS Israel, Muli Rabina, general manager of Credit Suisse, Israel, plus a lot of other big names from the business world and the world of high finance. Haffner noted the impressive increase in commerce between Switzerland and Israel which is always a good sign of enhanced relations. Multi-national Chambers of Commerce like to use diplomats as a marketing tool, Haffner will find himself in this position no less than did his predecessors. An ambassador who can talk about business and investment opportunities in his country is always a draw-card at business conferences, and there is little doubt that Haffner will be speaking at many of them. SO GOOD, the Sonol owned chain of convenience stores, is adding to its merchandise and will sell over-the-counter medications which do not require prescriptions. So Good has signed a distribution agreement with Telepharma whereby the latter will supply prescription-free medications and other related products. THE BATTLE over the AM:PM supermarket chain is causing serious losses not only to David Wiessman, who as the victim of a haredi boycott is losing money hand over fist. It's also eating into the profits of the haredi media which has been ordered not to accept any advertising from the Alon Group which is the umbrella enterprise for Wiessman's various enterprises. The period leading up to Pessah has generally been fairly profitable for the haredi press, but the rabbis who have imposed the boycott are more interested in principle than in profit. FEARS OF weight gain, are always part of the Pessah experience because so many of the traditional Pessah dishes are so fattening. Weight Watchers is offering tips for people who anticipate weight and digestive problems during Pessah. Readers can contact the near branch of Weight Watchers to find out how to take preventive measures. SOME OF the marvels of modern technology went on view this week at the Museum for Israeli Art in Ramat Gan. Ilan Greenboim, the CEO of Eurocom which represents Nokia in Israel, invited a large segment of the business community as well as several familiar faces from the entertainment community to see the multimedia exhibition which had been created with the use of advanced Nokia N95 photography. By seeing what others can do, the guests were inspired to look more closely at Nokia N95 and all its features.