Protesters call on shoppers not to buy Strauss products

Meeting between CEO, protesters results in anger, boycott.

Strauss logo (photo credit: Courtesy)
Strauss logo
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Strauss Group Ltd. chairwoman Ofra Strauss on Thursday met with the group of mothers who wrote a protest letter against the food company’s high prices. The meeting left the mothers furious, and they announced they would boycott all Strauss products.
The mothers said Strauss had constantly reiterated remarks made by company representatives to the media.
“Ofra seemed under pressure,” one of the mothers said.
Iris Levy, who initiated the protest letter, said: “We told her that, as Israel’s second-largest food company, she has the power to sit everyone around the same table and try to make changes. She should do what she has to do, and we will do what we have to do – which is to boycott all products of Strauss, Elite and all its subsidiaries.”
“We call for Strauss products to remain on the supermarket shelves and in the refrigerators because that is the only way we can show Strauss that we won’t be satisfied with sales campaigns,” she said. “We want an across-the-board price cut. We told Ofra that the moment prices fall, people will have more money to buy the products and there will be more income. She says things that defy logic.”
Meanwhile, activists from a group called “Israel is Dear to Us” protested near supermarkets in Beersheba on Wednesday and Thursday, calling on passersby not to buy Strauss products.
One activist outside the Shufersal and Mega supermarkets asked everyone entering the stores whether they had heard about the boycott against Strauss.