Rail passengers get new EU compensation rights

Rail passengers get new

Rail passengers in Europe can claim compensation for lost luggage or delayed journeys under European Union-wide rights that entered into force Thursday. The EU's executive commission said passengers could get a refund of a quarter of their ticket price if trains are delayed by between 60 minutes and two hours. They would get half of the price back for delays over two hours. Passengers can claim up to €1,285 for each piece of lost baggage. Disabled people also have the right to demand help boarding and disembarking trains. The families of passengers killed in train crashes would also have the right to an immediate payment of at least €21,000 before any other compensation becomes available. From Thursday, EU governments must introduce these rights into national law. The EU's executive commission said the EU's 27 nations could delay implementing some of these rights for up to 15 years - but only for short train trips within their own country. Some 8 billion train journeys are taken in Europe every year. The EU is also discussing passenger rights for ferry and bus journeys.