Tel Aviv Side Walks: Frug Street's famous faces

A new column: Joanna Stromze explores the streets of Tel Aviv while discovering the best real estate deals the White City has to offer.

Frug street 311 (photo credit:
Frug street 311
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When exploring Tel Aviv, it’s nearly impossible not to notice its lively streets, vibrant night life and café culture. The city center is where it all comes down to.
The center of Tel Aviv boast a wide range of attractions: Dizengoff Center is a haven for those who love shopping, while the famous Dizengoff Square, with its colorfully kinetic fountain, is rich in history. King George Street offers an eclectic shopping experience and underground bar scene; and Bugrashov Street entices serious shoppers with unique boutique fashion and charming cafés.
Known as ‘the city that never sleeps’, this dynamic part of Tel Aviv literally never sleeps - whatever the hour, whatever you’re into, you can find it all here.
In the late 19th century, a Jewish organization named "Hibbat Zion" was founded for the sole purpose of encouraging aliya. Dr. Shimon Frug was one of the greatest poets of the organization and the street bearing his name commemorates his great efforts. The Lessin House, the former Habima Theater resides just on the corner of Frug and Frishman hosting some of Israel’s best actors and theatrical performances. The "Habima Actors Complex," where some of the famous actors of the early 20th century have performed, resides on 31 - 33 Frug Street. On nearly every building a sign pointing out famous actors, poets and important names can be seen.
A relatively small street in the very center of Tel Aviv, Frug Street begins on Ben Ami Street by Dizengoff Square and ends on Gordon Street. Although Frug runs parallel to Dizengoff, it remains a quiet and serene street with easy access to some of Tel Aviv's best attractions and locations. 
Despite being a small street, Frug faithfully represents the "White City" with its many Bauhaus buildings. Some of the beautiful, preserved Bauhaus buildings stand proud and are part of the famous UNESCO list, while others still remain untouched. Typical Bauhaus architecture can be noticed everywhere on Frug; square or rounded balconies, white, clean cut design and low three story buildings. Meonot HaOvdim, a commune complex purposely built in 1930s Tel Aviv with a communal yard at the center of the complex was provided for the wellbeing of the residents, creating a Kibbutz-like feeling within the city. Many of the buildings on Frug and the surrounding streets were built below street level including either a basement or an "English Courtyard." The most prominent is the inner courtyard passage connecting Frug and Dov Hoz (the street parallel to Frug). The average apartments that can be found on Frug range from 80 to 100 square meters in size. The residents of this lovely street are both local and foreign families. With its close proximity to the beach and Dizengoff, young professionals, couples and roommates sharing flats are also part of this magical street enjoying the very best of what Tel Aviv has to offer. 
Real Estate
Real Estate prices in the City Center are relatively high, with an
average NIS 27,000  per square meter; on Frug the prices can even hit the NIS 32,000 per square meter mark. The history, a long with its serene yet center location, is what makes this hidden gem so attractive. A designer, 100 square meter, two and a half bedroom, two bathroom apartment, with a private 120 square meter garden residing in a Bauhaus building is currently available for sale for NIS 4.1 million.
In July of this year, a 71 square meter, two bedroom apartment on Frug Street was sold for NIS 3,050,000.
Rentals on Frug are high as well; a fourth floor (no elevator) three bedroom, two bathroom roof top apartment was recently rented for NIS 7,100; a ground floor, one bedroom apartment was recently rented for NIS 5,500. In real estate, it’s all about the location and when it comes to living in Tel Aviv's hub, it can get pricey as it is convenient.
Nestled between Gordon and Ben Ami, Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda, Frug Street is a symbol of history through its land mark architecture to its former residents; the past and the present blends seamlessly, marking this a magical street not to be missed.
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