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Vol XLIX: I moved to Israel 7 months ago. I just applied for Bituach Leumi and I am 3 months pregnant. If accepted, will there be a waiting period for hospital coverage, or will bituah leumi cover the childbirth?

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Sarah Gargi is director of the Publications Department in Research and Planning Administration at the head office of the National Insurance Institute, Jerusalem.
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    * * * XLIX QI moved to Israel 7 months ago. I just applied for Bituach Leumi and I am 3 months pregnant. If accepted, will there be a waiting period for hospital coverage, or will bituah leumi cover the childbirth? AThere is no waiting period. Bituah Leumi pays both a hospitalization grant directly to the hospital and a maternity grant to the mother who is a resident of Israel. QWe intend to return to Israel when my husband retires in about 2 and a half years time. He will be 72. He has paid Betuach Leiumi since our aliyah in1991. Is there any cash advantage in deferring the pension in Israel beyond the age of 65 as there is in the UK? AIn Israel a person who is not working cannot defer his old-age pension from the NII. There is a deferred pension increment, but this is for persons who are not eligible for the pension due to earned income. QI was born in 1986 in Israel and shortly after my family moved to Canada, where I am also a citizen. I moved back to Israel in August 2005 as a Katina Hozeret. I left Israel to work in Canada in August 2006 where I was paying both income tax and provincial health insurance AND still paying Bituach Leumi. I'd like to know if it's possible for me to be exempt from paying Bituach Leumi while living in Canada, but still be considered an Israeli resident as I will be visiting Israel for lengthy periods of time in the future. AEvery Israeli resident must pay the national and health insurance contributions to the NII. No residents are exempt. You have the option of requesting to be no longer considered an Israeli resident, but then of course you will not be entitled to benefits. In such a case, if you return to live in Israel, you can return as a returning resident. QMy DOB is 19.12.36. I made aliya 2 years ago. I began paying bituach leumi but soon discovered that all of my friends in my exact situation have not been sent any bill from bituach leumi. I am not eligible to receive any benefits so do I have to pay in? AYes, every resident must pay bituah leumi, regardless of eligibility for any specific benefits. If your friends are Israeli residents too, they must pay; I would advise them to contact their local NII branch and check their situation, so that they are not presented later with a high bill that includes fines and linkage. Send your comments >> Cafe Oleh experts have been chosen for their knowledge and reputation. Cafe Oleh does not take responsibility for any advice they offer.
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