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Is it considered a mitzvah to give charity to a non-Jew? Is there really a limit to how much I can actually walk on Shabbat? What role should Torah study play in our family? Have you ever asked yourselves questions like these and found no answers? Now, answers to your questions about Jewish life and law are just a click away! is happy to announce the launch of its newest Ask the Expert column -- Ask the Rabbi, in cooperation with Rabbi Chaim Brovender, president of the ATID Foundation and formerly head of Yeshiva of Yeshivat HaMivtar. To read more about Rabbi Brovender, click here for Jerusalem Post columnist Barbara Sofer's June 22, 2007 article titled, "The Human Spirit: Synthesizing past and present," in which she details the Rabbi's achievements. Or click here for the recent "In Jerusalem" profile. Send us your questions>>>