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An expert in the elderly care field answers your questions and provides you with the information you need to make crucial and timely decisions regarding your loved ones.

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Amiram Baraban is the director and manager of Baraban Consulting, which specializes in elder-care issues, including nursing home referral services, and general elder care issues. With 10 years experience, Amiram Baraban holds a BA in Business Administration from Florida International University and a Certificate in Nursing Home Management from a Government Institute. He has worked extensively in the field in Israel. Baraban Consulting's services provide insights into the intricate world of elderly care and assist in making crucial and timely decisions regarding your loved ones. Click here to send your questions to Amiram and please leave your comments on the Q&A below. Vol III Q: My mother-in-law needs 24 /7 care. We live in Ashdod and I am having trouble finding information in English. I am also looking for a place she could stay. Any ideas? Thanks. A: There are a few places within a reasonable distance from Ashdod which provide for English speaking residents. I believe your mother in law requires a long term care facility. Could you please provide me more info about her, so I can indicate a suitable home/s for her. My email is [email protected] Q: I've lived in US for 50 years. I am retired and divorced with an income of $2000 per month. I have full medical insurance. I would like to live in Israel. I am 74 years old, in good health and I speak 5 languages - Spanish, English, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. My parents were from Syria and I am a Sephardi secular Jew. I was born in Argentina and I am a retired US Marine. What do you think of a move to Israel. I have 3 children, all married in the uUS. Please tell me if I could become Israel citizen and what would be the best step for me. Thanks. A: Regarding your question I would like to share with you my reason for moving to Israel (after a long stay in the US). That's where I belong. If I may advise you: It's worth a try. You can either rent an apartment or try a retirement community on a monthly basis (no down payment required). In selecting a community there are a few considerations including: geographical location, social/cultural makeup of the residents, price etc… Please send me some more details so I can indicate appropriate homes for you. Q: Some retirement centers require a very large deposit, 500-600,000 shekels with only a legal contract regarding how the deposit will be returned. How can one be assured that the money will be returned in the amount specified in the contract? A: You raise a very valid and important question: 1. Take a competent attorney 2. Check name, reputation and financial strength of both the community and its owner/s. Arrange for proper safeguards such as: bank guarantee, a lien on the apartment in your favor. Again, let your lawyer handle this matter for you. Q: Where can I find employment? I have a Masters degree in Gerontology from The New School for Social Research. I was a licensed nursing home administrator in 3 states in the US. I live now in Ramat Bet Shemesh and am trying to find employment in the field. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. A: In Israel there are more than 400 care facilities for the elderly. You might want to call one which provides for English speaking residents (where you may have a competitive edge). These communities are located mainly in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and its surrounding. If you need further assistance please e-mail me at [email protected] Q: Dear Sir, I have done all the research on the "net" regarding "tours to Israel", however one has to be in pretty good shape, as these tours are pretty active. Would very much like to live in Israel for an extended period of time. Do you have any prices on "elderly apartments" or "care facilities"? Also is it possible to take "tours" on one's own time to places such as "The Dead Sea"? Would very much appreciate any info. Thank you. Best regards and as one "fellow Floridian" to another "Salom" A: Price ranges depend on many variables. In general, care facilities may charge between 2,000$ to 3,000$ on a monthly basis (no money down or any time commitment required) Apartment prices range from 500$ to 1,000$. Some assisted living facilities arrange tours on a regular basis, also some private and public organizations arrange tours for the elderly. * * * Vol II Q: In Jerusalem, is it possibile to find a place with a kitchenette and possibility of private tv+cable connection and someone in the vicinity to care for other facilities such as Meals on Wheels, doctor if required, repair person, handy-man for the elderly, and so on. The aged person (90) is completely independent for ADLs and so is the son, except for mild CP(works in sheltered work shop) . A: In Jerusalem there is a diversity of retirement / assisted living facilities. It's possible to find one which will accommodate the needs of both the father and his son. To advise you about a specific community please email me at [email protected] Once a suitable home is found I believe the effort and the trip will be worth while. Q: My husband is in his 80s and I in my 70s. We are both in good health and independent. We own an apartment in Emanuel and aside from that we have pensions for income. We need to know if there are retirement homes, English- speaking that we could afford as we do not have excess money other than our pensions together which is enough to sustain our expenses but to buy something, our apartment would have to be sold and here the market is nil and would not enable us to buy into one of these homes. What can we do and where can we look? Thank you. A: There is a number of communities with a high number of English-speaking residents. These homes are located mainly in Tel-Aviv and its surrounding and in Jerusalem. I believe it may be possible to find one with little or no entrance fee. However, the monthly payment will be higher. I will need to know how much you can afford on a monthly basis to indicate a suitable home for you. * * * Vol I Q: Your response to the woman in the first question (69 yrs old, single) states that many options are available. What if she is an English speaker (only)? A: In general, almost every person in Israel has at least some command of the english language. Assisted living facilities are a successful melting pot. They accommodate residents with diversified cultural and language background. Some homes are known for having a high ratio of english-speaking people. They are located mainly in the center of Israel and Jerusalem. To summarize, you will feel at home as an english-speaker. Q: Any idea where I can get a list of 'assisted living facilities' and/or 'senior living communities' in Israel? A friend suggested a website; however, it is in Hebrew and all I get is ????? I live in the US now; however, I do remember seeing one in Bat Yam many years ago. Any assistance would be appreciated. A: Some of the assisted-living facilities/retirement communities, include an english version of their web-sites. In Bat-Yam: www.mishkenot-clal.co.il, also Mishan which operates a few communities throughout Israel: www.mishan.co.il I believe an english index will be available in the near future. Q: Hi! I'm planning to make aliyah in about 2 years. I have a PhD in nursing and extensive education and experience in working with the elderly, boht in institutional settings and in the community. I'd like to find employment/volunteer positions that would use my array of knowledge and skills. Can we talk? Thanks! A: Shalom. The land of milk and honey can be a haven for elderly people who choose to retire in Israel, and the proffessionals who care for them. Employment opportunities in the care industry are virtually limitless. They range from heping long-term patients to assisting independent people in retirement communities. A good place to start you inquiry is Eshel - The Association for the Planning and Development of the Aged in Israel. Their website is www.eshelnet.org.il They have an english version. Good luck. Q: I am approaching 69 yrs. I am a single female with no familly in Israel and limited finances. In addition to bituach leumi, I will receive a pension of about nis 850/mo. I have a disability insurance policy which should pay for about 50% of a caretaker's wages/month, not more, if it comes to that. What does somene in my position do if it is necessary to move to a limited assistance facility or full care facility? A: Good news. In Israel there is a diversity of assisted living facilities which are supervised/regulated by the government. Generally, their goal is to meet both your social and physiological needs, or in simple words, to improve life quality. It's possible even with limited financial means to be admitted to some of those homes. Under certain conditions, government support can be extended to eligible applicants. Timing is very much of the essence here. One should not wait until things deteriorate or sometimes get out of hand before entering an assisted-living facility. If you would like us to indicate a suitable place for you, we will need additional info, including medical/social background, geographical preferences and so on. All the best. * * * Cafe Oleh is the place where you can join in and be published. To send us your comments, article ideas, suggestions and community listings, click here. In the meantime, check out our comprehensive listings and calendar services.