Peres' comments

Peres continued to describe the atmosphere before entering the war: "I wouldn't list the objectives we had from entering the war, because if you have objectives, it complicates things. If you say the main objective is to release the captives, you're putting yourself at the mercy of your enemy." Peres continued to say that * "afterwards, I also thought that the IDF was not equipped for this war." (Put quote in lead in)* "I don't think we suffered a downfall (mapala) but there was a great psychological downfall, and the reason was that that the Hizbullah boasted a talented speaker, Nasrallah, while in Israel, we just attacked one another." "In the end, the world stood by us, but not for good reasons - because we were weak, not because we were right." "There was a feeling that Israel wasn't as it always was - not vigorant, not surprising, not creative. One can't say it was a war which failed, but one also can't say it was a war which succeeded."