Syria: Elbaradei's comments proves 'lies' about nuclear program

Syria's foreign minister on Monday said the head of the UN nuclear watchdog's criticism of Israel and the US over an IAF air strike of a site that is allegedly part of a purported nuclear program was proof of the "lies" leveled against Damascus. Speaking at a news conference in Damascus after talks with the Iranian foreign minister, Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem condemned the airstrike as a "flagrant aggression" and said the failure of the international community to condemn the Sept. 6 airstrike deep inside Syria "encourages the aggressor." His comments come a day after International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed ElBaradei, speaking on CNN, criticized Israel and the US for failing to provide the IAEA with intelligence about Syria's purported nuclear program. He said it was "distressing" that the UN agency did not received any information about the alleged Syrian program until after the air strike. IAF planes struck deep inside Syria on Sept. 6, but the raid has been enveloped in secrecy. Israel has not officially commented on it or acknowledged carrying it out.