Army Life: War is scary, not glorious

I sat there and couldn't help but absorb his knowing words: "Guys, war is not what you see in movies. It's not like some Bruce Willis killing half the world."

Army Life -88 (photo credit: )
Army Life -88
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War is scary, not glorious Recently a former company commander in my battalion came to tell us about the Second Lebanon War. My company commander was a platoon commander of his at the time. He's currently studying in university, and then he's going to return to a prestigious assignment in the army. Officers often do this. He started talking and was telling a story of his company going to capture a village in south Lebanon. I looked at my company commander, who was sitting on the ground with the rest of us. His face was illuminated with no small amount of respect and reverence. Here was his old commander that led him into battle, a very diminutive guy, and my beefy company commander looked mesmerized! It was hard to believe, at least until I heard the story of the battle. Read the rest of this blog
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