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Whose bed is it, anyway? As a mother of four little ones, it comes as no surprise to reveal that I get very little time to myself. It seems that every time I close a door behind me, their "where is Ima" radar goes on and I am immediately bombarded with questions, orders and general banging on the offending partition. It doesn't help to yell "go away, I want 2 seconds of peace and quiet" as that only solicits more "Ima, Ima, aval, Ima" noise. It sometimes helps to say, "just give me 2 seconds to finish," but not always, as they sometimes open the door and say "Mah, Ima? Lo shamati" ("what, I didn't hear you?"). Occasionally, I can use the bribe trick: "If you go and play I'll give you ice cream", but that usually backfires as in less than 10 seconds they are back with "Ima, Ima, when can we have the ice cream..."). So, for the most part, for now anyway, I have given up on my "own time." Except, that is, at night. If I can't have my day and evening to myself, at least let me have my few hours of sleep in my bed to myself. Please. Read the rest of this blog »
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