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American olah in Sderot provides a glimpse into daily life under fire.

mechi fendel 298.88 (photo credit: )
mechi fendel 298.88
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I'd rather deal with floods Hi! Someone asked me - what's it like living day by day in Sderot? I guess I'm always highlighting the "excitement" (= Kassam rockets) and I don't really let you know about everyday living… Well, I don't think things are much different here as they are anywhere else…We wake, get dressed. I take one son (Otniel, almost 13) to his bus stop at 6:50. Then at 7:40 I bus my 11 year old to school and my 5 year old to kindergarten. At 8:30 or so I show up at work. I work in Kibbutz Nahal Oz as a Software Engineer (aka Computer Programmer). [We see the city of Azza (Gaza) very well from here. I know whenever a Kassam hits Sderot because in the kibbutz we get the warnings first!] I leave work about 5 pm. The two kids are home already and we go shopping, do errands or sit in the house and play/talk/eat, etc. 6 p.m. I pick up Otniel from his bus stop, 6:30 is suppertime (sometimes at 7:00) and then by 8:30-9 p.m. I try to have the little ones sleeping. My older kids (19, 17, and 15 year olds) show up from their respective dorms Thursdays until Sundays - they sometimes surprise us during the week. Maybe my schedule is a bit tight. I try to go swimming once a week at night and I have a lecture another night. There are of course PTA conferences, meetings, etc… Read the rest of this blog »
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