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Transplanted rhetoric and sociology professor explores "Israeliness."

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What really happened, Part I As articulated in "Sma'achot and Hagim, Parts I, II, and III," what my family and I had anticipated for our season of sma'achot and what we experienced (due, in some measure, to a significant injury that I had sustained), were different. At the time that I wrote "Sma'achot and Hagim," though, I was only aware of the ways in which my limited mobility would affect our celebrations. I had yet to discover the ways in which the Boss' Plans, too, would impact us. Specifically, whereas Missy Youngest's Bat Mitzvah party and the wedding of one of our B'not Bayit, had occurred before my last post, the Sheva Brachot, Rosh Hashanah, Shabbot Shuva, and Tzom Gedaliah had not. The span of time which consisted of the days from the wedding through Tzom Gedaliah, had begun as expected, adjusted for my injury, but it evolved according to a Greater Scheme Read the rest of this blog »
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