Inside the ME: Memo from Gulfistan

What game are the Gulf Arabs playing?

martin kramer 88 (photo credit: )
martin kramer 88
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Memo from Gulfistan Martin Kramer made these remarks on the 8th Herzliya Conference on January 21 Lately it has been said that the Arabs are in a panic over the growing power of Iran. We are told that Arab rulers so fear the rise of Iran that this fear has eclipsed all others--it's the sum of all fears. And it's making a new Middle East That is what David Brooks, New York Times columnist, wrote last November: "Iran has done what decades of peace proposals have not done--brought Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Palestinians and the US together. You can go to Jerusalem or to some Arab capitals and the diagnosis of the situation is the same: Iran is gaining hegemonic strength over the region." Martin Indyk of the Saban Center used the same language in a November interview. Iran, he said, was making "a bid for hegemony in the region." Read the rest of this blog »
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