Life coaching: The world's youngest miracle worker

The main difference between Karen and her 10 year old peers was that Karen could perform miracles.

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Karen wasn't much different than most of her 10 year old peers. She loved rollerblading, watched "High School Musical" 1 and 2, and enjoyed outsmarting her parents whenever possible. The main difference between her and her classmates was that Karen could perform miracles. She learned about her gift during a slumber party at her house. At midnight, Karen and her friends played a game in which Karen pretended she was a genie. Her friends asked the genie to grant their wishes. One friend asked for a pony, another begged for her estranged parents to reunite, and the third requested a sneak preview of "High School Musical" 3, which wasn't even in production yet. The game ended, and the girls fell asleep. When Karen's friends returned home, all of their dreams had materialized. One after another, they called Karen in a frenzy, telling her she was a miracle worker. When Karen found out that her gift was real, she wanted to share this information with someone. Who could she trust implicitly with this revelation? Since she couldn't think of any logical candidates, she went ahead and told her parents. Nigel and Janet were sympathetic and when Karen told them the news, they tried their best to avoid sounding skeptical. Karen knew that they didn't believe her. She asked each of them to make a wish, and then they would have no choice but to take her seriously once the wishes came true. Her parents humored her and verbalized their requests. Janet asked for a remodeled kitchen. Peter wanted a zoning permit that would allow him to open upon his garage across the street. He wanted to minimize his daily commute to work. The municipality had turned down his request for 5 years straight. After a few minutes when neither wish materialized, Karen's parents gently told her that she should give up her fantasy and just be happy being a normal 10 year old girl. Karen calmly informed her parents that the wishes only come true the following day. Her parents smiled and kissed her goodnight. The next morning, Karen's family was awoken by the doorbell at 7 am. Janet put on a bathrobe and answered the door. It was a FedEx messenger with a registered letter. She scribbled her signature and then went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Before Janet could put water in the kettle, she let out a scream that could have woken up the entire neighborhood. Karen and Nigel ran downstairs to find out what happened to Janet. They arrived within seconds to see Janet hyperventilating in her beautifully remodeled kitchen. The room was a visual symphony of stainless steel, chrome, glass block, and Italian marble. In her panic, Jane dropped the registered letter. Peter picked up the envelope and found the long awaited zoning permit inside. Karen was laughing but refused to say "I told you so." "Karen, you can only share this gift with a few trusted people. Otherwise, we will be mobbed by people who want you to grant their wishes," Nigel said. But it was too late. The word was already out. Karen's friends had told their family about the world's youngest miracle worker. The tipping point had been reached. There was already a long line of people waiting to see Karen and get their wish. "Since it's a done deal, Karen, we've got to set up some ground rules," Jane said. "Like what?" Karen asked, excited to start her new job. "Well, you can see people an hour a day after you've done your homework," Jane said. "Mom," she pleaded. "I can save the world and you are treating me like a child." "You are a child, Karen." Jane said. "You have a gift, but you can't neglect yourself in the process." Karen reluctantly agreed to her parent's restrictions. Karen kept her reception hour 5 days a week. The lines were huge and hundreds of people had to be turned away each day. The family had to hire a full time administrator to filter through the email and fax requests that came in 24/7. Only a handful of the requests were deemed worthy of consideration. The family had decided not to charge for this service, reasoning that this would somehow taint the gift and perhaps even cause it to vanish as quickly as it arrived. In the meantime, Peter's business was booming. While people were waiting to see Karen, many of them brought their cars in for a tune up or repairs in his conveniently located garage. Jane served refreshments to waiting customers and got clients for her new interior design business. However, the situation wasn't as pleasant for Karen. Her social life was eroding at a rapid pace. Instead of her celebrity status buttressing her popularity, it decreased it. Karen was seen as a 21st century wizard at best, or some kind of freak at worst. As Karen was about to reach her 6th month anniversary with her gift, she asked her assistant to close shop a few minutes early. Karen was finally going to grant herself a wish for a change. Her wish was two-fold. The first part was to release herself from her magical powers. Before she continued to the second part of the wish, she was immediately flooded with guilt. Was she being selfish in wanting to rid herself of her gift? Shouldn't she be using her magic to create world peace and fight hunger, crime and disease? So what if she had no friends. That would be the price she would have to pay in order to create a better world. Karen then reminded herself that her gift was only the ability to grant wishes for what people wanted. Most of her clients' requests were for material things such as money, cars and instant plastic surgery. If enough people wanted world peace, then there would be world peace, she reasoned. We haven't fed the starving people in the world because not enough people desire that outcome yet. With a clear conscience, Karen asked for the second half of the wish. Her desire was that humanity would be granted the wisdom to want the correct things. She wanted the world's population to pine for the elements that would edify humanity, and not just satisfy their selfish needs. As she felt the magic leave her soul, she wondered how long it would take for the global tipping point to take place. Ben Goldfarb was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He moved to Israel in 1988. He is the founder and director of Paradigm Shift Communications. He has given seminars and training sessions at Israel Aircraft Industry and Philips Medical Systems. His book, "Double Feature: A Nostalgic Peek into the Future" will be published in the summer. He lives with his wife and children in Jerusalem. For more information about his coaching practice, visit the Paradigm Shift Communications website, or send an email to [email protected] © Copyright 2008 by Ben Goldfarb