Life coaching: Tying the knot with time

There's a new dating website that can help us chose our best match with time.

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Most of us spend a significant portion of our time seeking out relationships or improving our current ones. However, few of us think about our relationship with time itself. Fortunately, there's a new dating website that can help us chose our best match with time. Here's a random sample of the exciting time profiles that are available and just waiting for you to give them a call. The Past: Version 1: My past was amazing. I'm convinced that my present and future will never live up to the good old days. I spend most of my time in the past, basking in the nostalgic warmth and serenity that my memories bring me. The Past: Version 2: I spend most of my time in the past because I went through a living hell. I enjoy replaying horrible scenes from my childhood in an infinite loop of dismay and despair. I have no need to go to horror movies because I have my own film noir festival in my brain. I think little about the present and the future because it's just going to be filled with more bad movies. The Past: Version 3: The past happened. My mission is to interpret the past in the way that serves me best in the present and in the future. The Present: Version 1 I spend all of my time living in the present. I am enveloped by the here and now. My very being is bathed in the microsecond. I think neither about the past nor the future. Why should I? If I can't enjoy my present, what's the point of expecting anything in the future? As for the past, it doesn't concern me because it isn't happening right now. The Present: Version 2 I work hard for my future goals, and when I attain them, I revel in my success in the present. I enjoy pockets of infinity enjoying my present, whether it's playing with a giggling infant, or watching a beautiful sunset. When I finish my moments of youthful abandon, I think about the lessons I learned from my diverse past and apply them to my bright future. The Future: Version 1 I dread the future. Things are only going to get worse. Look at my track record. My past is terrible and who can bother with the present when I'm too worried about how bad things are going to get tomorrow and the next day? The Future: Version 2 Nothing exists but the future. I know my life is going to get better soon. It's just got to improve. And when I attain success, I won't have time to enjoy it because I have to focus on my next goal. And who cares about the past? It's over. This is only a random sample of diverse time profiles that you can choose for your very own. There are countless other permutations of time out there. You just have to look for them, or create them yourself. Think it over carefully, and then take your time. Ben Goldfarb was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He moved to Israel in 1988. He is the founder and director of Paradigm Shift Communications. He has given seminars and training sessions at Israel Aircraft Industry and Philips Medical Systems. His book, "Double Feature: A Nostalgic Peek into the Future" will be published in the summer. He lives with his wife and children in Jerusalem. For more information about his coaching practice, visit the Paradigm Shift Communications website, or send an email to [email protected] © Copyright 2008 by Ben Goldfarb