Looking out my back door - Thursday

Thursday, July 13, 2006 03:00 Thursday morning. I was abruptly awoken by the startling sound of a series of nearby explosions. I rushed to check my children, and we rushed downstairs to find cover. We put on the television to check the news. Being a paramedic from the IDF, I rushed outside to find out if anyone had been injured. As I write this entry, I can still hear countless explosions and there is the sound of Apache attack helicopters in the air. I have my TV on and they are informing us that evidently that the Hizbullah had planned this operation for some time. This is quite evident by the massive amount of Katyusha rockets and mortar rounds that have fallen on us in such a short time. In addition, they have shown us how Hizbullah Television had programming prepared for the entire operation. 08:30 I am working on writing this article. Heard that Israeli tank that went in to help return the two kidnapped soldiers ran over large anti-tank mine and was destroyed and the crew killed. 09:45 I was writing E-mails to worried friends abroad when my computer crashed. 10:00 My wife is sent back home from work. The municipality workers have opened the bomb shelters. Katyusha rockets are falling sporadically around us. Nahariya and Safed are hit. Kafe Karter, one of the symbols of the city of Nahariya, is hit. People who I know personally are paying the price for wanting to live normal lives. 12:00 I arrange with a computer technician friend of mine to meet and repair my computer. I take the computer and I drive to his house. My wife and children don't want me to go. 18:00 I am at home and I am back on the Internet. 20:00 We are sitting watching the TV news downstairs when Katyusha rockets fall. The rocket attack continues sporadically. 23:00 Quiet at last. My children are sleeping. My wife is trying to sleep. I go outside to water the yard.