My Truth: Israel does have friends in Europe

Is Europe, as a whole, inherently anti-Israeli and a lost cause for Israeli hasbara?

lieberman 298.88 (photo credit: )
lieberman 298.88
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Israel does have friends in Europe One would think from everything we hear that Israel has no friends in Europe and that Europe, as a whole, is inherently anti-Israeli and pro-Arab - a lost cause for Israeli hasbara. Last week I visited several European capitals and held meetings with various European leaders and high-ranking EU and NATO officials, and discovered that we have many passionate, ideological friends in Europe. There are many political groups, mainly from the ideological center-right, who consider Israel an integral part of the free world. It is surprising that on the one hand, the Middle East conflict is the number one priority on Europe's foreign-policy agenda, yet on the other hand there is a shocking information gap on Middle East issues. There is a general lack of factual knowledge - both on current events and, more importantly, history. Read the rest of this blog »
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