Readers Rap: Dear Hugh

Writer responds to readers' criticism over his trip to Paris to watch the Arsenal-Barcelona game.

seth freedman 88 (photo credit: )
seth freedman 88
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Dear Hugh Dear, dear Hugh - where to begin? Maybe I should start by thanking you for making my day, as I can honestly say that you (along with the more anonymously titled MKD, Wibble and US Arsenal Fan) provided me - and my friends - with a great deal of pleasure through your posts on the JPost message boards. I feel that it is only right, therefore, to repay some small part of your kindness with a few words here…. [For those of you who aren't named above, this essay is the follow up to "World Peace Can Wait"- published on the day before Arsenal took on Barcelona in the Champions League Final in Paris on May 17th. The aforementioned foursome took the time out of their no doubt busy schedules to post their reactions to the piece on the JPost website. Set out below are their diatribes in full. Read the rest of this blog »
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