The Warped Mirror: The blood libel 'Kultur'

When Israel is accused of stealing organs from Palestinians on the "Kultur" pages of a European newspaper, it's time to pay attention to some trends in Europe's "culture."

petra warped mirror 88 (photo credit: )
petra warped mirror 88
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The blood libel 'Kultur' Few readers of the Israeli or Jewish media will have missed the reports about a recent article in a Swedish tabloid that accused Israel of abducting and killing Palestinian civilians to harvest their organs. Since the story broke last week, a number of interesting commentaries have been written; among the most worthwhile to check out is Barry Rubin's post, which includes several updates on additional developments and information. I must confess that I was struck by a perhaps rather marginal aspect of the story: the fact that the article was published in the "Kultur" section of the paper. There may be some entirely mundane reasons for this arguably odd placement, but I felt that by publishing the article in the "Kultur" section, the paper's editors had - probably unwittingly - made a very fitting choice. Read the rest of this blog
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