'50% of Israelis: Aliya harmed country'

According to Absorption Ministry poll, 62% blame olim for rise in alcoholism among country's youth.

Over a million and a half people have made aliya in the past two decades, among them doctors, engineers and spiritual leaders. But Israelis aren't impressed; according to a new survey, half of them think aliya has done more harm than good.
The survey was carried out by the Ministry of Absorption and was reported recently by Army Radio. Among the findings: 50% percent of the public believes the large waves of aliya have had a negative impact on crime rates, and 62% blame olim for the rise in alcoholism among the country's youth.
The survey, which will be published in full at the aliya and absorption conference in Ashdod next week, also shows that nearly a third of respondents believe olim have made it more difficult for locals to find work and housing.