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Janglo's rules have changed slightly in the present situation

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I'm awake before the alarm goes. The cup of tea is no longer a priority. Instead, the computer is switched on and I'm rapidly scanning the news websites to find out what happened overnight. And, of course, while the computer is open, I do a quick check of my emails. There to greet me every morning is a cascade of Janglo Digests. They are special experience at this time of crisis. For those of you haven't yet had the Janglo experience, let me explain that this service describes itself as "Jerusalem Anglo Protexia" and generally enables Jerusalemites to gain access to Jerusalem's collective wisdom about….just about anything. There's the practical: *I am looking for an honest, reliable vacuum repair shop. *Anybody looking for a great opportunity working in the cosmetic field? Looking for licensed beauticians who are qualified in: waxing, manicure, pedicure and skin care. *A pair of brand new chocolate brown Crocs, size 13 men's. NIS 180. And there's always the slightly bizarre or unexpected: * There's a beautiful mink stole in a closet in our home. Anyone interested in buying it? * The basic work on Attic Greek Grammar, lightly used in excellent condition. Slight denting in the cover. It is very hard to find in Israel. * If you have an interest in learning Massage Therapy/ Infant massage or just enjoy receiving Massage or need Fitness Training read on! We can always use help with cleaning and other household chores, or office type paperwork so here's the deal: I will trade you for your work in exchange for the above. * Hey! Who says your bashert (your divinely chosen future spouse) has to have only 2 legs? Quality single cats and dogs, with excellent midot (personal qualities), are waiting to meet YOU. Come along and meet your partner for life. It's what makes Janglo so addictive. As Zev Stub, who created Janglo five years ago, puts it, "You always think that the next thing you read could be the coolest thing you've ever heard of." He's right, it is absolutely compulsive. So you carry on opening the individual emails or scanning the digest. You and over 10 000 other Jerusalem locals, that is. For about 3000 Jerusalemites, this must be a major part of their daily routine because they receive on average 150 daily emails separately in their inbox. Another 3000, including me, receive the half dozen or so synoptic daily digests. The rest just go on-line to peruse the list whenever they choose. I visited Stub at the nerve center of this project - a small office space in his apartment near Rehov Hapalmah. Screened off from his living room by a bamboo curtain, there lies the office of the future. There's not a single scrap of paper to be seen. An empty desk with only a laptop perched at an acute angle on a wooden bookrest. Zev is clearly proud of this community network, explaining, "I like the fact that it gives people the opportunity to give." There are strict rules which keep the website a joy to read. It is no place for politics, religion and invective, Zev adds. "Free speech is great but I try to keep the mood non-toxic." But the rules have changed slightly in the present situation. Usually real estate advertising is not allowed but what do you do when Jerusalemites are ready to throw open their homes to families from the north? You let them use Janglo, of course. Janglo has a different feel at this difficult time in the life of our nation. The sale of mink stoles, exercise bikes, ovens and refrigerators is interspersed with the most amazing wealth of generosity as people look for opportunities to help each other and make sure everyone can keep well informed: * By dialing 1220, you will reach a group of organizations that have banded together in order to help families and individuals from the north, including the poorest sectors who fall between the cracks. FYI: This umbrella org. is headed by Dudi Zilbershlag of Meir Panim (soup kitchens for poor and homeless). * Israel is at war. Let's keep morale high and support our troops by displaying the Israeli flag. * On the spiritual side, 'round the clock tehillim (psalms) are being recited at David's Tomb on Mount Zion. Volunteers to help keep this going are greatly appreciated. * A collection of items is taking place at Hehal Shlomo, next to the Great Synagogue. Specific items needed include: Dry food, pampers, baby food, toys and games for kids, and books to read while in the shelters. * At last the Homefront Command is available in English, French, Russian and Spanish. These days, the search for information can be so poignant. A subscriber writes: After living in Israel 35 years, I should know what to do but I don't. My son went into boot camp this week. I don't know where in the country he is. With all the craziness going on up North I am worried about him. He doesn't answer his cell phone- it's turned off. Does anyone know with whom I can be in contact to find out where he is serving? So let me end with the recurring message that appears on many Janglo entries: May we hear good things soon!