Modi'in encourages S. African aliya

The Telfed Modi'in Regional Committee Telfed Annual General Meeting took place September 27.

The writer is Telfed Regional Coordinator The Telfed Modi'in Regional Committee Telfed Annual General Meeting took place on Tuesday, September 27 at the Beit Sefer Ironi Al Shem Rabin. The Mayor of Modi'in, Moshe Spektor, opened with a few words of greetings and told of his visits to South Africa to encourage aliya to Modi'in. He said he looked to the existing group of South Africans in the town to help welcome newcomers and make them feel at home. Spektor also gave examples of other successful towns in Israel where South Africans have settled. Marlyn Butchins gave a very moving presentation of her Dizengoff Quilt Project and all present were touched by the creation which is designed to commemorate and celebrate the lives of the 13 people killed at the Dizengoff Center on the eve of Purim four years ago. Butchins' mother and sister were both killed in this tragic incident. Butchins told the story of the group of family of the victims who hold a memorial ceremony at the Dizengoff Center every year and decided to make this quilt together with each square representing one of the victims. Annette Milliner, one of Telfed's three vice chairpersons, brought greetings from Telfed, thanked outgoing Chairman Haim Miller for his work as the first regional chairman in the Modi'in area. Milliner spoke of the need for a strong sub-committee in Modi'in to galvanize the South African community and future olim who are being encouraged to move to the town. Dave Bloom, also a Telfed vice chairperson, gave a presentation advising of Telfed's projects and ctivities and how the organization assists its community in Israel. Miller gave a brief report on his chairmanship and the meeting ended with nominations for a new chairman. Clint Rubin was elected the to this position and we wish him hatzlacha for his term of office and look forward to working with him and his committee for the benefit of the Southern African community in Modi'in. Send your comments >>
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