Taglit hosts celebratory mega-event

Peres to address the crowd of thousands in honor of birthright's 100,000th participant.

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Taglit-birthright israel was set to host its mega-event on Tuesday evening. Thousands of young Jews were descending on Latrun's Yad La'shiryon, the Armored Corps Memorial and Museum Complex. The evening is going to kick off with a large reception, which is to be followed by a grand gala. A similar event is held every time birthright has thousands of participants in the country. This time, however, the festivities are marked by a special highlight. Taglit is celebrating the arrival of its 100,000th participant. In honor of this significant milestone in birthright's history, Vice Premier Shimon Peres was going to address the crowd. Absorption Minister Ze'ev Boim was set to speak as well. Birthright founders and donors are also going to be in attendance, including Charles Bronfman, Michael Steinhardt, and Lynn Schusterman. The event will be attended by young adults from all over the world, including people from Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Latvia, Holland, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, the UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, and the United States. These international attendees will be entertained by the Israeli birthright alumnus rapper Shai 360. He will perform a song he wrote and recorded with US students who participated in Taglit's program. Other performers set to take the stage include David D'Or and a Taglit-IDF ensemble. Following the event, the Brazil-Croatia World Cup game will be broadcast for the benefit of the hundreds of Brazilian birthright participants. Check out the JPost's sponsored coverage of this summer's birthright program.