Hillary Clinton - supreme commander of Israel?

Can't the US recognize that all the pro-Arab pressure has only resulted in more terror and war, and anything but security? We have to ask: When was Hillary Clinton anointed the supreme boss of Israel, as she seems to think she is?

Hillary Clinton (photo credit: AP)
Hillary Clinton
(photo credit: AP)
Supporters of Israel were probably not surprised at the scolding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shortly after Vice President Joseph Biden's March visit to Israel. Media reports said that Clinton chewed Netanyahu out over the decision to build new homes in the area that the Palestinians claim belongs to them and their future state, and she stressed that American officials saw this as "a major insult."
A State Department spokesman related that Clinton told Netanyahu "she could not understand how this could happen, particularly in light of the United States' strong commitment to Israel's security." Which, being interpreted, means that since the US gives Israel a little military aid, it therefore has the right to control the government of  Israel.
Perhaps, at this point, we ought to examine just how committed the US really is to Israel's security. The US certainly has partnered with Israel in military equipment and aircraft. But the US has never sent a single soldier to fight for Israel in any of its wars with its neighbors since Israel declared independence in 1948. During this time, however, it has sent US troops to Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. And ever since the Oslo Accords, the US has been pressuring Israel to surrender "land for peace" to her Arab enemies.
Can't the US recognize that this pro-Arab pressure has only resulted in more terror and war, and anything but security? We have to ask: When was Hillary Clinton anointed the supreme boss of Israel, as she seems to think she is? Who gave her the authority to issue orders to the Israeli government? Doesn't she understand that Benjamin Netanyahu, not she or President Barack Obama, was duly elected by the people of Israel to serve as their nation's leader? How can she blatantly ignore Netanyahu's repeated statements over time that Jerusalem is - and always will be - an undivided city, belonging to the Jewish people and the Jewish state? How can she simply dismiss his clear statements that Israel has the right to build new homes for Jewish people anywhere in her capital city of Jerusalem?
As if chewing out Netanyahu wasn't enough, Clinton summoned Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren to the State Department to officially reprimand him, also, over the new building plan. She actually told him that the decision "raised questions about Israel's commitment to its bilateral relations with the US."
It was gratifying to hear that Netanyahu fired back, refusing to apologize for the new construction decision, declaring that "the Jewish state will never stop building in its own capital." He stressed that the construction "in no way is harming the Arabs, and in no way is obstructing progress to peace." He also made an interesting statement, urging the Israeli people not to get upset "by headlines that suggested that US-Israeli relations were going sour."
Meanwhile, in the US, Anti-Defamation League Director Abe Foxman issued a statement deploring the severe language used by Clinton and her colleagues over what he called "such a minor issue." He said, "We are shocked and stunned at the administration's public dressing down of Israel on the issue of future building in Jerusalem." He added, "One can only wonder how far the US is prepared to go in distancing itself from Israel in order to placate the Palestinians."
Media reports showed that pundits in Washington were using such adjectives as "bizarre," "inexplicable," "outrageous," and "counterproductive" to describe the Obama administration's surprising diplomatic assault on Israel.
When Iran announced  the acceleration of its nuclear development plans,Obama, Biden and Clinton showed no emotion whatsoever. They haveextended their appeasing hand of friendship, even when IranianPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has slapped them in the face. But whenIsrael announced plans for new housing units for its own citizens inits own capital, suddenly the Obama administration declared diplomaticwar. How can this be?
It is hurtful to see our US administration continue to be aggressivelyhostile to our best friend, Israel, while at the same time appeasingand bowing to our enemies. One Israeli official commented, "I don'tthink we even need to respond to any nonsense spoken by the USadministration, who do not understand the complexity of life in Israel.Our right to our own land is undisputed. Jerusalem is ours, and no oneelse's."
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