American tax dollars won’t change radical Islam

The US and the rest of the world should immediately stop all financial and military aid to the undeserving Arab and Muslim countries of the Middle East that possess an anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-democratic agenda.

Earl Cox 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Earl Cox 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
With all the sudden uprisings sweeping like a firestorm across the Muslim countries in the Middle East, a significant question comes to mind. Why is the United States government continuing to send hard-earned American tax dollars to Arab and Muslim countries that have an anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic agenda?
Each year, millions of dollars in financial aid is given by the United States to help support oppressive Muslim governments which oppose those Judeo-Christian values embraced by Israel and the United States and rule their people with iron fists. How can we justify our more than generous support which is used to strengthen their tyrannical militaries and enable their ruling tyrants to remain in power?  How can we be so knowingly guilty of closing our eyes to devastating radical Muslim violence and terrorism?
We Americans have some strong Judeo-Christian values that we should be living up to. Don’t our leaders understand the difference between good and evil? Doesn’t anyone feel ashamed of our hypocrisy?
Throughout the Middle East, Arab and Muslim leaders suppress most of what we consider to be human rights. Their people have virtually no free speech, freedom of opinion or freedom of religion. They live under numerous oppressive Muslim laws. With the exception of an elite few, most of the people live in poverty, backwardness and despair. What does the Palestinian Authority do with the money we send them? I’ll tell you. It goes into the pockets of a few ― just like it did when Yasser Arafat was alive.
Every one of those Muslim countries votes against the United States in the United Nations 75 to 80 percent of the time, and yet the US gives Egypt $2 billion annually in foreign aid. Jordan gets $192 million a year, and Pakistan gets $60 million. Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen also get millions each year. We’re also sending hundreds of millions of dollars each year to help Israel’s most persistent and corrupt enemy, the radical, militant leaders of the Palestinians. These are huge sums of money.
Why are we sending millions of US dollars to these Arab and Muslims countries when it is clearly known that they all bite the hand that feeds them? Who can be so mixed up as to think that these Muslim nations deserve our help? Who can justify American taxpayers having to dole out so much money to all those unappreciative Muslim countries for no good reason? Who can support the unprecedented deficits that our children and grandchildren will have for which they will be forced to pay dearly?
America’s leaders seem to close their eyes and ears whenever Arab and Muslim leaders point blame at Israel for all their troubles in the Middle East. This is ridiculous.  Israel is not the problem.  Israel is the solution as the upholders and preservers of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Can’t we discern lies between truth and deceit? Why are we so timid about speaking up for Israel? Obviously, we are trying to appease the Arab and Muslim worlds ― but to what end?
At every opportunity, we should be standing strong in support and defense of Israel. Israel is the only nation in the Middle East region that is a true and faithful American ally. It is the only nation in the Middle East that shares our democratic values and our concepts of freedom and human rights. And Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is contributing scientific, medical, agricultural and technological advancements to the entire world.
While there have been uprisings now in eight or nine Muslim countries of the Middle East, hasn’t anyone noticed that there have not been any such uprisings in Israel? Can’t the world and its supposedly wise leaders see the contrast between the Jewish and Muslim societies and cultures? One worldview embraces freedom and democracy and the other embraces terrorism and oppression.
Haven’t world leaders listened to the voices of so many Palestinians and Arabs who have declared they much prefer to live under the Jewish justice of the Israeli government than under the oppression and corruption of the Palestinian Arab Muslim government?
Why are world leaders not standing against the evils and oppression of radical Islam? Why is the world not standing more firmly and strongly in support of the one and only nation in the Middle East that truly deserves support ― Israel?
With all this knowledge about radical Islam and its wicked words and deeds, US President Barack Obama still desires to force Israel to give the Palestinians almost half of its relatively tiny piece of land for a separate Palestinian state.
But how could anyone think that Palestinian terrorists and their terrorist leaders deserve their own state? Didn’t they fail to keep all of the promises they made in writing in five so-called peace treaties with Israel? Didn’t they squander the millions of dollars in foreign aid they have received from numerous sympathetic countries? Didn’t they repeatedly deny all intentions of living peacefully side by side with the Jewish state of Israel?
President Obama does not seem to care what the people of the US or Israel think. He seems more concerned about wanting to curry personal favor with those in the Muslim world. He has made comments to the effect that America is a warring country while Muslim countries are peaceful. Doesn’t he see or understand what is going on in the world?
Of course, it is not just world leaders who are so blind and biased. Add to them the international media, which always seem to slant every news report out of the Middle East in favor of the Arabs and against the Israelis. Their persistent pro-Arab and anti-Israeli reports have negatively affected public opinion of Israel all over the world. I am convinced that there is no longer such a thing as unbiased, fair and balanced reporting coming from major media outlets.
So, in conclusion, the United States and the rest of the world should immediately stop all financial and military aid to all the undeserving Arab and Muslim countries of the Middle East that possess an anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-democratic agenda. Let them fight their own battles, without our interference or help. Let them suffer their own devastating consequences.
We are only fooling ourselves if we think we are going to change the radical Muslim mindset with its hate-filled attitudes and actions. We are unwise to think that we can save radical Muslims from themselves and their devious religious and cultural interpretations. In such a time as this, we must wake up and face reality. Radical Islam is our enemy and the enemy of Israel. No amount of American tax dollars will ever change this fact. With that said, let’s keep our hard-earned tax dollars at home ― or at least put them to work where we can truly help people and reap some benefit.