Mahmoud Abbas: The great deceiver

Palestinian leaders have manipulated the media to capture the world’s hearts and minds.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas addresses UNGA _311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
PA President Mahmoud Abbas addresses UNGA _311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
For the past two weeks I have been in Israel introducing political leaders and legislators from the southeastern region of the United States to Israeli officials in Jerusalem and also to the mayors of several Israeli towns and cities along the Gaza border. As I sat with my delegation of dignitaries listening to the various highly informative briefings presented to my group, I could not help but reflect upon the circus act which the elected leader of the Palestinian people performed before the United Nations a few months back.  As was noted in our briefings, the leaders of the Palestinian people have expertly mastered the art of manipulating the media in order to capture the hearts and minds of even the most educated people around the world.  Like a circus act, this is a marvel and a wonder in and of itself.  People attend carnivals and circuses in order to see strange and unusual performances.  Well, it seems that another kind of circus act, a mental and psychological one, took place at the United Nations and was expertly performed by  Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen.  He addressed the United Nations General Assembly asking them to support the establishment of a new, independent Palestinian state and to approve its admission to the United Nations. Many in that UN crowd vigorously applauded Abbas numerous times, expressing their support for such an undeserved, even ridiculous, request.      How could anyone at the United Nations take Abbas seriously any more than they could take seriously a side-show circus act? Per usual, his speech was full of lies and fallacies. But since the UN crowd kept applauding him, it is obvious that they have little or no ability to recognize or respect truth.  The world continually seems to accept the Palestinian position as it is presented by their deceitful leaders rather than seeking the underlying truth.  Their anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias overrides the desire for truth.
Yes, sympathetic Arab and Muslim nations make up about one-third of the UN, but many European and Asian nations also contributed to the ridiculous show of support. These people have to know something about the truth of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. So how they can choose to ignore the truth and to believe all the untruths the Palestinian leaders have been spouting all these years?
Abbas’s objective was for the UN to think that he was asking for its support for a Palestinian state that would coexist peacefully with Israel. Of course, he did not draw attention to his many previous statements that he would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state nor did he mention the several so-called peace agreements that he and his predecessor signed yet never fulfilled.
How can the UN believe the word of someone who has affixed his signature to outright lies? How can so much of the world community continue to support such a dishonest and untrustworthy person and the largely radical population he represents?   Abbas’s ridiculous claim that the Jewish people are occupying Arab land is a gross mistruth. He charged that Israel is building ‟settlements” or Jewish communities on land that is supposed to be part of the Palestinian state and we all know there has never been a Palestinian state. The land was given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel as "an everlasting possession." And doesn’t everlasting mean never-ending?     
Abbas’s additional demands that Israel turn over the eastern half of their great capital city of Jerusalem to the Arabs so they can use it as the capital of their Palestinian state, was a continuation of their big lie. Never mind that the Jewish Old City of Jerusalem is still there, complete with its historic walls and the Temple Mount, the most special holy site to the Jewish people.      
Of course, Abbas ignores the fact that Jerusalem is where King David established his throne over Israel 3,000 years ago. And it is the Jewish people, not the Arabs, who developed Jerusalem into the great and special modern city that it is today. Do all those UN diplomats really believe that Israel should simply give the Arabs half of that great city in return for nothing but empty and false promises?  
What’s more, Abbas deceitfully accused Israel again of being the obstacle to peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state. So he wants the UN and the world to forget that Israel offered the Palestinians "land for peace" several times so they could have their own state, but these offers were rejected by the Arab leadership every time. Instead of peace, the Arabs responded with violence and terrorism. But if the Palestinians had accepted these offers, would the conflict be over?  Of course not and Gaza is proof.  The Palestinians would have their own state but Israel would suffer increased acts of terror as the Palestinians move closer and closer to Israeli centers of population.      
So what is it, truly, that Abbas is asking of the UN? He wants land without peace. He wants a state without concessions. He wants the UN to recognize a Palestinian Arab state with no reciprocal recognition of the Jewish state of Israel. He wants an independent, sovereign land base from which he can continue the state of war with Israel until she is destroyed and the Arabs can absorb all the land of Israel into the Palestinian state.
It is a relief that the UN decided not to vote on Abbas’s application for recognition of a Palestinian state and its admission to the UN. It seems that there were not quite enough votes for approval.     
And let us note: Radical Islam teaches that it is not a sin for its followers to lie in order to achieve their objectives. If a deception proves successful, they consider it to be a clever accomplishment. This explains why the Palestinians and other Muslims have so often blatantly lied to the world. Yet the wonder of it all is that so many people, leaders, and nations of the world continue to fall for their deceit and to give them their support. For these reasons it is essential for all of us who value freedom and democracy to be alert to the propaganda being continuously distributed by Palestinian leaders. I encourage all of my readers to combat the lies emanating from the Palestinians by using the various social medias, writing letters to their newspapers, calling friends and speaking to elected officials to spread the truth about radical Islam being the great deceiver of the world.  If we who value freedom and democracy fail to learn this lesson and act upon it, we are indeed doomed ourselves to fall under the curse of radical Islam.  Our silence will serve to magnify the voice of the great deceiver.