Serious times are upon us

Netanyahu needs our prayers, as the winds of adversity blowing around him must be immense.

Netanyahu R300 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Netanyahu R300
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Bible states that Israel, and Jerusalem in particular, are located at the center of the world. This is a world that is in chaos. Its financial systems are failing and secularism has bred violence and sexual perversion on a scale never imagined before. Our technology, while impressive, is totally unable to deal with the human heart, which according to the Bible is “wicked above all things.”
Humankind needs a Savior and indeed has one but despises him. It’s popular to ridicule Jesus, but those doing so will never do the same to Islam’s prophet. They are cowards and their end will be sorrowful.
The United Nations is inept and powerless in the light of global violence and war. It has breathed disgust at Bashar Assad’s war on his own people but has done absolutely nothing as hundreds of Syrians are murdered daily. The normal diatribe of “show restraint” has become a joke, as Assad may even use his arsenal of chemical weapons against Israel.
All the while Jews are being attacked all over the world and a wave of global anti-Semitism is upon us. Israel is in the sights of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and many other militant Islamic forces.
Tehran has not fully duped the world about the malevolent nature of its nuclear program, yet it has discovered that the West is all talk and does not have the stomach to really confront it.
The Iranians are laughing all the way! If nothing is done soon, Israel will have to go it alone – and it will! The wider Middle East is falling into the hands of Muslim radicals who consider their success at overthrowing Western-aligned Arab regimes to be evidence that Allah is with them and will prosper their march to Jerusalem and toward a new global caliphate.
Whenever Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu speaks, one gets the sense he knows what he is talking about and is one of the few politicians around who tells it like it is. Thank God (and I mean that reverently) he is in charge of Israel at a time like this. His analysis of the Middle East region has been astute and a breath of fresh air compared to the lunatic predictions of the liberal elite that touted the Arab Spring as a great harbinger of peace and democracy.
Netanyahu needs our prayers, as the winds of adversity blowing around him must be immense.
Indeed, Israel is in grave danger of being attacked from the north by Hezbollah, to deflect attention away from Iran’s nukes or perhaps to salvage Assad’s regime in Syria. The possibility increases every day that Israel will have to launch preemptive strikes on Iran or Hezbollah. The immediate days ahead will be serious and could change our world as never before.
The United States is increasingly under a determined assault designed to weaken it as a world power and to break its close alliance with Israel. The coming elections in November will determine the direction in which the nation will go and therefore they are the most crucial in years and need much prayer.
Finally, many churches in the West are generally weak, carnal and powerless. There are no doubt pockets of blessing and strength but, in my mind, we are witnessing a great falling away. Just as Isaiah predicted, darkness is covering the earth. More and more biblical positions that were once the bedrock upon which our nations were built have been cast aside. Christians who stay true to God’s Word will be smeared as bigots. Now is the time to strengthen the things that remain and to determine that “love of the truth” is more important than political correctness. This love of truth includes standing with Israel and speaking out against anti-Semitism.
Despite it all, the God of the Bible has not lost control of His world. He is handing humanity over to great delusion because of its wickedness and rebellion against Him, and divine judgment will follow. Those who stay close to Him will know His joy and love.
Let us not be downhearted but boldly proclaim His Word. •
Rev. Hedding is vice chairman of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem;