The Israel test

The world has surrendered truth and joined the anti-Israel caravan for the sake of Arab oil

Arab army invading Israel in 1948_521 (photo credit:
Arab army invading Israel in 1948_521
(photo credit:
As we enter another turbulent year, it is high time to challenge the increasing antagonism against Israel. This small nation has “unhinged” the integrity of many world leaders and led them to side with tyrants and terrorists. Naturally, all of this is uniquely concealed in the doublespeak of diplomatic language.
Here we have a tiny people, with a unique and ancient relationship with the land of Canaan and the city of Jerusalem, who have returned from the four corners of the earth, forged a genuine democracy and built their nation into a global technological and military power! In 60 brief years and against all odds, they have carved out a nation that is hundreds of years ahead of its regional neighbors! This is a miracle!
Yet sadly, the world has surrendered truth and joined the anti-Israel caravan for the sake of Arab oil. Hence, Israel has been condemned in UN resolutions more than any other nation. How can this be? The world is filled with rogue regimes like North Korea, Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe, but they get a pass.
Four millennia ago, the God of the Bible stated that Israel would be a “test nation.” Her unique global mission, her central placement among the nations, and her very existence would challenge the world. God said, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” (Genesis 12:1-3).
This truth has been verified through the centuries. The ruins of many nations, small and great, that have risen up against Israel can still be observed today. But Israel lives!
Still, many nations have not learned from history and seem destined to repeat it. Will they ever pass the Israel test?
A theological test: People who claim biblical faith are challenged by Israel. Many church leaders deliberately twist the Word of God in order to suit their bias against Israel. The Bible is clear that a final restoration of the Jewish people will take place (Luke 21:24). This final restoration is from the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 43:5-7). When it happens, the nation will never be uprooted again (Amos 9:13-15). So Israel’s modern-day restoration is the hand of God, and yet many who claim to know and love this same God are denying it. Instead, they want to de-Zionize the Bible, taking out any references to this final great ingathering of the Jews. Quite simply, they want to rewrite Scripture to favor the Palestinians. They have failed the test!
A moral test: Like the Nazis, the agenda of radical Islam is the total destruction of Israel. This agenda is embraced by Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, and yet the politicians of our world ignore it or play it down all the time. The textbooks of Palestinian children continue to demonize Jews and call for the destruction of the Jewish state. Their leaders call for the same when speaking in Arabic. Many Western leaders know this but still play the game of denial. Why? Because they need oil and need it badly. They will happily sell the truth to fuel their hungry economies. This is moral bankruptcy. They, too, have failed the test!
A historical test: From the UN Partition Plan of 1947 to the present, Israel has made great and painful sacrifices in order to make peace with its Arab neighbors. But from the outset, the Arabs invaded in a bid to destroy the young, fragile nation of Israel, even though its founding had been approved by the international community. The Arabs did manage to seize control of the West Bank and east Jerusalem for nearly 20 years. They had everything they now demand for a Palestinian state, but never made any attempt to create such a state back then. This is the truth of history. Yet many world leaders will never acknowledge this. They also fail the test!
In the end, how we treat the Jews reflects how we treat the one true God. This is the great test of Psalm 83:1-4, and most fail it. Here the psalmist declares that rebellion against God is manifested by a hatred of Israel and an attempt to destroy her. This is the great test of all human history!
Rev. Hedding is vice chairman of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem;