Message of peace overshadowed by violence

Muslim Zionist appearance in Canada marred by brawl.

Canadian flag at Parliament in Ottawa 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Canadian flag at Parliament in Ottawa 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
In October, the pro-Israel British Muslim figure Kaseem Hafeez was invited to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, to speak about his transformation from a virulent anti- Semite to a supporter of Israel, but his appearance was marred when local Muslims ignited a brawl among audience members.
According to a first-hand report from Mary Ann Gilbert, a representative of ICEJ-Canada, Hafeez spoke about being raised by his father and others in the Pakistani Muslim community in Britain to hate Jews and Israel to the point that he engaged in violent harassment of Jews during his university years. But he began to question all that he had been taught after reading The Case For Israel, by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Hafeez told the audience that he then decided to visit Israel to see for himself if it really was an “apartheid state,” and it was his freedom to pray as a Muslim at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City which completed his conversion into a Zionist.
“Fellow Muslims, for your own good stop hating the Jews! It will poison you all your life,” Hafeez told the Canadian audience.
Following his lecture, a question period was quickly interrupted by local Muslim students.
“We knew that things were going to come to a head,” insisted Gilbert in an email report describing the fracas. “Fists started to fly... As we drove away, police cars and ambulances were racing past us.”