Israel Always: The Land Is Shared In death. Why not in life as well?

If it were left up to Israel, there would be peace in the Middle East so long as her borders were recognized by Arab neighbors.

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For all of history there has been conflict between Jews and Arabs. Each war has produced deaths on both sides and, as is the custom for both Jews and Muslims, the dead on both sides are buried in the ground - the very same ground deeded to the Jews by God Himself in an eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bodies of the dead, Arabs and Jews alike, do indeed rest in peace buried in the same ground as their forefathers so long ago. With the Arabs being rich in so many ways such as having vast amounts of oil reserves as well as vast amounts of land, why do you suppose the Arab world is so opposed to the Jews having a very small piece of real estate to call their own? Why do the Arabs not want the Jews to have their own homeland? Why has the Arab world openly expressed their desire time and time again to kill every Jew on the face of the earth? In death the body of a Jew and the body of an Arab could be buried side by side and they would lie there peacefully. Why can this not happen in life as well? The Israelis seem to be doing everything possible to retain their homeland and their identity while at the same time extending an olive branch, the symbol of peace, to their Arab neighbors who, instead of embracing the Israeli overture of peace instead grab the olive branch and trample it into the ground. Can't the civilized world see this? One would think that all could see this but sadly it is not so. Israel comes under constant condemnation from countries around the world who demand that she live up to every stipulation of every peace agreement while violations by the Arabs are rarely mentioned and almost never enforced. It's always seems to be Israel who is forced to give more and bend more and more and much to my consternation, Israel seems always ready to go the extra mile and even give the extra mile - giving away bits and pieces of what precious little land she has at this point in time. If it were left up to Israel, there would be peace in the Middle East so long as Israel had her own homeland whose borders were recognized and respected by her Arab neighbors. Polls have shown that Arabs who hold Israeli citizenship are quite content as they enjoy the same rights and privileges and are entitled to the same government benefits as Israeli Jews. However, the same is not true in reverse. A Jew living in an Arab country is not given equal status under the law. Even though Israel should be viewed by the world as the country which has taken the high ground in its quest for peace, they instead come under constant and unfair criticism. I personally witnessed this equal treatment firsthand on more than one occasion when I had the opportunity to visit medical facilities in Israel. Initially I was shocked when I first visited Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem and saw many, many Arabs waiting for medical treatment or waiting for loved ones undergoing surgical treatment. I observed carefully the way the hospital medical staff interacted with the Israelis and the Arabs and, quite frankly, saw no difference. Both were treated with respect. I doubt an Israeli would be given the same type of compassionate treatment if visiting a medical facility in Gaza or the West Bank. BEN Earl, this is a discussion which opens many doors. People must be educated to the fact that when a homicide bombing takes place, emergency medical care is given to the victims as well as to the perpetrator if he, she or they survive. There have been many reports of both victims and perpetrators being taken to the same Israeli hospital and ending up in adjacent rooms. The doctors and nursing staff who are charged with rendering the initial emergency care as well as recovery care remain true to their profession and do their best for both the victim and the criminal. EARL Yes, Ben, it's true. Arabs living Israel have little to complain about. They have food, quality medical care and housing. Some even receive financial assistance from the Israeli government. Those Arabs living in Gaza cannot make the same claim. Neither Hamas nor Fatah have done much to build their own infrastructure but have instead concentrated their efforts on tearing down Israel's even to the detriment of their own people. Seems they are satisfied to let their lifeless bodies in death share the land in peace instead of seeking to do their part to secure such peace for the living. Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always Previous entries: Some Christians Still Hate Israel Palestinians. The Next Generation Who Founded Israel the U.N. or God? Didn't they used to hang traitors? Who would be the best US President for Israel? How will God handle the present-day Persian Haman? Faith or Consequences Is oil more important than Israel? 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