Israel Always: What If There Were No Israel?

We owe our technological and medical advancements to the accomplishments of the modern State of Israel, which no country has matched.

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On this special and auspicious 60th anniversary year of the miraculous re-birth of the State of Israel, we have seen, heard, and read much about the amazing accomplishments of the young and tiny Jewish state in a remarkably short period of time. Conservative Christians in America and around the world have joined with the Jewish people in Israel in hearty celebration of this historical milestone. We have raised our hearts and voices in grateful praise to the G-d of Israel for His abundant divine blessings upon the reborn, modern state of His chosen people. Interestingly, in the midst of all this positive praise and hoopla concerning modern Israel and its people, two questions suddenly gripped my mind: What if there was no Israel? What would the world be like today if the ancient nation of Israel had not been re-established 60 years ago? Certainly, the world would be a different place today if the State of Israel had not been reborn in 1948. It would be different, because tiny Israel has already contributed so much to the world through technological development as well as scientific, agricultural and industrial research. Israel has more than 3,000 high-tech companies, the highest concentration per capita in the world. Most computer technology development of the past few decades has taken place in Israel. Most of the Windows operating system was developed by Microsoft in Israel. The Pentium chip technology was designed in Israel. And most major computer companies have now established research and production facilities in Israel. That seems to be where the brains are that can produce such creativity and invention. Along that line, let it be known that Israel has the highest percentage of university degrees to the population of any country in the world. It is no myth that our Creator has given the Jewish people a special dose of intelligence and ability. Today's Israelis also pioneered cell phone technology. Wireless, portable cell phones were first developed in Israel by Motorola. They were in almost universal use in Israel before they spread across the land and sea to Europe and America. Jewish people walking the streets and riding the buses in Israel were talking incessantly to family members and friends long before British, French, or Americans obtained such a stunning high-tech convenience. What if we still did not have it? We owe it to modern Israel. Brilliant Israeli medical research has resulted in new drugs for Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and numerous other diseases. And adult stem cell research in Israel is contributing to worldwide treatment of genetic disorders, including autism and even some types of cancer. Medical practitioners from countries in Europe, Asia and Africa are sending patients to Israel today for special surgeries and treatments. What if there were no such medicines or medical expertise available? Indeed, no other nation, large or small, has matched these amazing accomplishments. Next, let's extend the question. What would it mean to today's Jewish people if there were no modern state of Israel? Would the 6 million Jewish people now living in their ancient homeland be scattered among the largely antagonistic nations of the world - living in the midst of bigotry, hatred and persecution as did their ancestors for the previous 2,000 years? Would some successor to the ancient Haman and the modern Hitler have risen to power somewhere to try again to rid the world of all the Jewish people? Certainly, without the Jewish people in Israel, the land would still be desolate and barren, as it was only 100 years ago. There would be no beautiful, thriving cities like the modern, skyscraper-lined Tel Aviv or the bustling new Jerusalem. The deserts would not have "blossomed as the rose"-as Scripture prophesied would happen when the Jewish people returned. There would be no fruitful farms and luscious orchards beautifying the landscape. There would be no Jewish people living in their own Jewish state, with their own Jewish government and leaders - enjoying the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of religion. And what would it mean to the Middle Eastern Arabs, especially the so-called Palestinian Arabs, if Israel had not been reborn? Obviously, the land would still be barren and desolate, as it was for 2,000 years, because the Arabs would have made no effort to make it viable and productive. The land would be mostly desert, like the other untended Arab lands of the Middle East. And most of the 3 million Arabs who now live within Israel's borders would not even be there, because they were attracted to the area by the development produced by the Jewish people. There would certainly be no "Palestinian state," because there would be nothing there worth claiming or fussing over. And what would it mean to the United States of America if there were no modern state of Israel? The young, small Jewish state is one of America's staunchest allies. It is America's only proven, dependable friend and partner in the strange and chaotic Middle East. It is the only country in that region that shares America's democratic political values and America's social and religious freedoms. Israel has partnered with the U.S. in the development of military aircraft and missile technologies. And of course, all the previously mentioned technological, medical, agricultural and industrial developments attributed to Israel have produced significant benefits for the U.S. also. There is one more group of people to think about. What would it mean to Christians today if there was no modern state of Israel? Israel is special to conservative Christians today because it is the physical embodiment of fulfilled Bible prophecies, thus verifying the truth and accuracy of the Book that Christians believe and depend upon. The Bible, in the Tanakh books of Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Zechariah, prophesies that one day G-d would re-gather the scattered Jewish people from the nations of the world, return them to their own ancient homeland of Israel, and re-establish the Israelite nation in that land. Since this amazing event took place in 1948, it helps to verify the anticipated fulfillment of all the other as-yet-unfulfilled prophecies the Bible makes about the future of Israel and the world. What if there was no Israel? One thing is for certain: It would be a different world. Almost everything we Christians and Jews believe in - what the Bible and Torah say - would be empty of value and substance. Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' 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