Welcome to Jerusalem!

Dear Friends, The Jerusalem Post has been reporting on Israel since before the modern state was founded - covering The Promised Land for 74 years through its highs and lows, its wars and peace agreements, tragedies and celebrations. Throughout this period, the paper has served, and continues to serve, as a bridge between Israel and Diaspora Jewry, a meeting point and source of information. But now there's something new. Now, after almost 2,000 years of mutual ignorance, often mixed with fear and contempt, the world's Jews and Christians are beginning to realize how very much they have in common, and to move toward a rejoining of "root' and 'branch.' Christian Zionism has become a worldwide phenomenon, 'a sign of the times." For this reason, The Jerusalem Post has established a monthly Christian Edition, so that lovers of Zion everywhere can follow these epochal events as they unfold. We invite anyone in a position to do so - Christian media, ministers and lay leaders - to help ensure that this new publication, its content tailored specifically to Christians who care deeply about the well-being of Israel and the Jewish people, reaches the widest possible audience. It's our hope and belief that the Christian Edition will bring Jews and Christians even closer together, to the benefit of all. Sincerely, Gershom Gale Editor The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition