Are you good a gift giver?

Test yourself to see whether your gifts are the most lavish or the most thoughtful.

Gift picture 521 (photo credit: Courtesy/PR)
Gift picture 521
(photo credit: Courtesy/PR)
December is holiday time, whether that is Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, or whatever other holiday you celebrate in part to receive presents, be sure to celebrate! Now, it may be easy to get presents, but it is a real skill to be a good gift giver.
Do you have what it takes? Do this “Test yourself” to find out!
1. You need to get a present for your Mom. You:
A) Don’t. You’re her best present.B) Think of things she’s mentioned wanting.C) Bake her a 10-foot large cake!
2. You need to get a present for your best friend. You:
A) Don’t. Again, who cares about presents? B) Get a gift symbolizing your friendship.C) Get her several designer things. Only the best for the best friend!
3. “Hand-made gifts are the best.”
A) Um…lame…way too much effort! B) If you’re good at them and they don’t take too much time, then yes.C) Heck yeah! I’m good at whatever I do.
4. “The more money you put into a gift, the better it is.”
A) Totally not. I’m broke as a joke.B) Not necessarily.C) Yes! The price of the gift shows how much you love them.
5. How long do you take to think about a gift?
A) Never. I hate thinking about gifts. My family’s one of those “Chanukah socks” affairs.B) Usually around a week or so. Enough time to give it some thought.C) At least six months ahead of time. This way I can schedule with stars to show up.
6. What makes the best gift for you?
A) Not socks. Please: no more socks! B) If I can see it was well thought out.C) That’s a trick question. I always bring it back to the store to get something else I want more.
Check yourself:
If you answered “A” to most questions, then you are bad gift giver. You hate it!
If you answered “B” to most questions, then you are good gift giver! You are very thoughtful!
If you answered “C” to most questions, then you are a lavish gift giver. You think expensive gifts are the best.
But that’s not always true: it’s the thought that counts!