Top Ten: Soup joints

New takes on grandma's cure for the common cold.

Soup (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Falafels and Shawarma aside, many Israelis enjoy soup on a cold winter day. We’ve listed our list of Top 10 soup joints around Israel. Enjoy!
1. Falafel Gabai Falafel Gabai, located in North Tel Aviv, serves five to seven fresh made soups daily. Try the Harira, a Moroccan tomato and lentil soup.
Dizengoff 269, Tel Aviv
2. Shimon Melech HaMarakim
Shimon Melech HaMarakim, located in the Yeminite Quarter of Tel Aviv serves a variety of Yemenite soups. Try a meat soup or be adventurous and try the bellybutton soup! Yichya Kapach 28, Tel Aviv
3. Giraffe Noodle Bar Get a taste of Asia at Giraffe Noodle Bar, located in Haifa. The large soup menu is delicious and authentic. We recommend the Giraffe Special!
131 Shderot Hanassi St., Haifa
4. HaZarfatia HaKtana In the North of Israel lies the city of Afula. HaZarfatia HaKtana serves some of the region’s most hearty soups, including cold Tzatziki and classic French onion soup.
17 HaNassi St., Afula
5. Suzanna Escape from noisy Tel Aviv and enjoy a nice meal in the artsy neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Suzanna serves a variety of soups, including the famous Kibbeh Soup.
9 Shabazi St., Tel Aviv
6. Soupizza
Soupizza is an Italian restaurant in the center of Tel Aviv, where pizza and soup unite. Here you will find a large variety of fresh soups made daily.
Yehuda Halevy 56, Tel Aviv
7. Beit Ticho
This old house-turned-museum is located right in downtown Jerusalem. Order a delicious bowl of soup while sitting in one of Jerusalem’s oldest houses!
9 Harav Kook Street, Jerusalem
8. HaMarakiya
Some might say a soup joint is a whole in the wall, but we think it’s amazing. Literally called “the Soupery,” HaMarakiya offers a variety of fresh homemade vegetarian soups.
4 Koresh St., Jerusalem
9. Instant Soup
This wouldn’t be an Israeli soup article without an instant soup honorable mention. This quick and cheap meal can be found in many forms, from noodles in a cup to soup in a packet! Everywhere, Israel
10. Aroma Café
This Israeli chain is almost as well known in Israel as McDonald’s. Here you will find a great selection of fresh made soups served with delicious homemade bread.
Multiple locations around Israel