Test Yourself: Are you obsessed?

Do the following statements apply to you?

Hadag Nachash 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Hadag Nachash 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
We wanted to check if you have a healthy love for your favorite Israeli musicians, or are truly obsessed. Take this test yourself and find out! Do the following statements apply to you?
*You’re a fan of musicians such as Idan Raichel, Hadag Nahash, and Subliminal (all of whom D’’ash has interviewed at some point).
*You always buy any magazine with an article about them.
*You have posters of your favorite musician.
*You wrote their name all over notes.
*You video record all their interviews from Israeli TV channels, MTV, European channels, etc.
*If a book came out about them, you bought it right away.
*You have bought all their mp3s or CDs.
*You went to a concert of theirs and screamed like crazy! *You photoshopped yourself into a photo so that it looked like you met them.
*You have done your own dance of your favorite song of said musician. You also took a video of you doing it.
*Then, you uploaded it to YouTube. Hopefully this will get their attention so you can do a duet with them on their next tour! *You made a blog for your favorite musician.
*You write emails to the musician. You’ve moved beyond paper letters.
*When your favorite musician was touring near you, you managed to find out where they were staying through a fan website.
*Once you found this out, you stayed outside the hotel all night, hoping to grab a glimpse of said musician up close and personal.
*You cry when you see them perform.
*You know the details behind every song.
*You hate the musician’s romantic partner to the point that you cut the romantic partner’s face out of a photo and put yours in.
*If you had the opportunity to take hair from his/her arm pit, you would!
*You send your musician presents.
Check yourself:
If less than 7 statements applied to you, then you are not such a huge music fan.Other things excite you more.
If between 7 and 13 statements applied to you, then you are a fan. You love your favorite band.
If between 14 and 20 statements applied to you, then you are officially obsessed! Your favorite musician is a huge part of your life.